This type of massage is designed for improving the client's general wellbeing and reducing everyday tension, especially mental stress and emotional instability. The accumulation of “stress” produces permanent anxiety, sometimes just on the subconscious level, and puts the body on the physical and emotional edge.


The goal of stress-reducing massage is to interrupt the cycle of stress accumulation and prevention of future problems.


This type of massage is a key method of preventative therapy which has many positive effects on the various functions of the body. It reduces muscular tension and improves peripheral blood circulation and lymph drainage. Various studies have been carried out with regard to the physiological and psychological effects of massage on the body. The findings show a significant decrease in tension and muscle fatigue the clients feeling more relaxed, less anxious and more emotionally stable.


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 In pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes physically as well as physiologically and emotionally. The physical changes can cause stress or discomfort for the mom to be. Massage can help alleviate many of the discomforts and can promote a sense of wellbeing. Pregnancy massage differs from other massage as the positioning is different. The client usually has a side lying position using pillows to ensure they are comfortable throughout the treatment.


I've been treating pregnant women for many years and have found that a shorter treatment works best.

Massage eases muscular discomfort particularly in the lower back in the last trimester. It also reduces stress and anxiety throughout pregnancy.


Massage can be incorporated into routine prenatal care as an emotional and physical health supplement and the benefits can improve overall prenatal health for many pregnant women. It provides them with emotional support and also a feeling of being nurtured before the birth of their babies. 


There are many theories as to how and why it works but mainly it works on the body's relaxation response. When the body is in a relaxed state many physiological changes take place such as; endorphin release - which is the body’s natural painkillers - the ‘feel good’ factor, increased circulation, direct nerve stimulation, benefit of touch - being touched is a basic human need and being nurtured increases our sense of wellbeing, the body’s energy field - works on subtle energy channels in the body – similar to acupuncture meridian lines. There are any many different ways in which reflexology is beneficial as it works on a physical and deeper level of relaxation.