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Sound Therapy

There is a place between sound and silence and it is there where I want to meet you.

In the sound therapy session, each person reacts differently according to their needs (conscious and unconscious) at the current moment of life. 
During the session the sound takes the place of words and the person is invited to immerse himself in a meditative state guided 
by the soundscapes that are created through different instruments, 
experiencing a unique moment with himself within a safe space.
The purpose of sound therapy is to expand external and internal listening 
by expanding the perception of you with yourself and with the whole.


Heitor uses a sound bed (monochord bed) with 88 sound strings that creates very rich and beautiful sound vibrations that fills the whole body and mind. 
The bed consists of two monochords (each placed on one side), each tuned in a different tone, which brings effects on two different vibrational levels.


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 Heitor Corsi

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