Osna strictly adheres to Covid 19 Guidelines for the safety of staff and customers

Osna asks all customers to arrive a few minutes earlier to ensure the necessary government-approved form is filled in to give consent to having treatment during the Covid 19 pandemic and to confirm that you have not been in contact with anyone who has covid or has been exposed to covid in the last 2 weeks. 
We would ask customer who thinks they may been exposed to the virus, to reschedule their appointment.
Osna sticks to a strict cleaning regime of 15 minutes between each customer, which includes a change of all bedding, a wash down and sanitisation of the couch, therapist's hand wash and hand sanitisation as well.
We would ask all customers who enter the shop to wear a mask, and also to note that the therapist wears her mask in line with covid 19 rules and regulations at all times.
Osna supplies hand sanitisation on arrival and departure for your safety.